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Achieve Your Recruitment Targets in 2023

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Why Altair Careers is The Only Hiring Solution You Need?

World Class Talent: We take pride in attracting high quality, job-ready talent from all over the globe.

We Boost Your Jobs: We'll share it on our social media platforms, promote it through our podcast, and conferences.

Communicate Directly: Receive applicant’s CVs directly to your inbox and communicate one-on-one with applicants in peace.

Intensive Focus: Our applicants are encouraged to highlight exactly why they’re a standout hire and a top fit for you company.

“Altair Careers is a great platform for promoting open positions at your
Marco Sala, CEO & Co-Founder - Revolv Space
“Altair Careers is a great platform for promoting open positions at your company. The website is clean and it offers global visibility. We were surprise by the amount of applications we received after going through this channel!”

Marco Sala, CEO & Co-Founder - Revolv Space

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Have You Seen Enough to Make a Decision?

Hire candidates that fit your company culture and share your vision. Thousands of multinational candidates, with in-detail applications, and all the tools you need to hire efficiently and confidently. Join the leading space corporations and startups building their teams with us.

  • What information do we need to provide for job listing?
    After activating your plan, our representative will be in touch with you shortly to finalize your job placement. You can also direct the titles of your positions, applicant qualification requirements, as well as the detailed description on job profile, salary, and responsibilities to us via email at
  • Where can we get additional information?
    You can direct your enquiries to or call us: (+1) 757 744 6171 - United States (+44) 730 725 8315 - United Kingdom
  • What if the position we listed is no longer vacant?
    In the event your vacancy is no longer open, you should let us know by emailing to Our support will then pick up this enquiry and close terminate your listing in our job directory.
  • What make Altair Careers different from other job listing platforms?
    Being part of Altair Enterprises, we are at the forefront of the space industrial innovation. Our multi-faceted approach makes it possible for us to showcase your job openings in front of niched audiences of space professionals in multitude of our engagement channels such as annual conferences, podcast, social media, and many more.
  • How will we receive the job applications?
    At Altair Careers you don't even need to create a company profile. Our turnkey services are designed in a way to make your experience hassle-free, where you just reap the rewards of receiving job applications, and we handle all the rest for you. All CVs, applicant contact information, and supplemental materials will be delivered directly to your inbox. You can then proceed to communicate with them independently.
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