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About Us 

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About Us

Shaping careers in the space industry.

As the space economy continues to grow and attract more investments, the need for a highly-skilled, critical-thinking workforce intensifies drastically.


Altair Careers acts as a direct connection link between the industry's top companies and professionals. Browse our job listing page and pursue a prosperous career.

Our Strategy

Transforming lives through pushing recruiting boundaries.

Our strategy is to support and accelerate the growth of the new space economy. By partnering with the industry’s leading organizations, we help new-coming talent to find jobs that fits them best, whether they’re engineers, planetary scientists, or have experience with business administration and a passion towards space.


Varying based on the background and expertise, we help individuals find jobs in the fields of propulsion systems development, SatCom engineering to cybersecurity and software development and give them the opportunity to engrave their mark on the growth of next trillion-dollar industry.

Our Values



The pursuit of excellence is the defining characteristic of our company and the one thing that the space industry needs and deserves. We are committed to supporting exceptional applicants in the process of finding an amazing company.



A sturdy space economy is built through unified effort towards common goals and can be achieved only through providing equal opportunity and respect to all individuals involved.



Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing the company, as well as the industry’s performance as a whole. We adhere to the highest standards of respect in all our dealings, internally and externally.

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